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The Housing Source Toolkit was written by Alex Myhaver and edited by Patrick Quinlan. Brian Wallace is the Project Director at Amistad. This Toolkit has been adapted for use on To request a full copy of the booklet or a version in an alternative format, please contact Brian Wallace at (207) 773-1956. This Toolkit was originally published in April 2004. Please note that some information included in this section (subsidy percentages and program requirements, for example) is subject to change.

This toolkit serves Maine residents who have a disability or long-term illness. The toolkit is unique in that people with disabilities or long-term illnesses have developed it. It’s a resource that offers direction and hope in today’s difficult housing market. Their goal is to empower you to make your own decisions regarding housing.

Tip Sheet (Opens in new window)  Link to our selection of Housing Tip Sheets! (opens new window)

This toolkit was developed in partnership by Amistad Peer Support & Recovery Center and Ingraham, Inc.

Amistad is a peer support and recovery center that provides services to its members that are not dependent on mental health diagnosis or insurance coverage. This project is connected with Amistad’s philosophy. Peers have made this toolkit through the inspiration of their recovery. The ideas in this toolkit are practical. Individuals will not have to involve themselves with the local social service system to benefit from this toolkit.

Ingraham is a non-profit human service agency. The agency provides a comprehensive health crisis system, a residential program, and support services to those in need. Ingraham offers substance abuse services as well as services to those who are homeless. This toolkit is consistent with Ingraham’s dedication to making sure people have a safe, secure and supported place to live.

Table of Contents | Being Prepared for the Intake Process
Overview of Housing Options in Greater Portland
Housing Source Tip Sheets