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OIAS is responsible for determining consumers' financial eligibility for MaineCare (Medicaid).  OIAS also administers programs that are designed to give temporary support to Mainers in financial need.  The Division of Support Enforcement and Recovery, in the Office of Integrated Access and Support, assists in collecting child support payments by non-custodial parents.   

The people served are:

  • Individuals, adults, children, and families

OIAS programs and services include:

MaineCare (Medicaid) Eligibility Determination

OIAS determines consumers' financial eligibility for MaineCare, Maine's Medicaid program.  MaineCare reimburses providers for medical, health and dental care and some behavioral services delivered to consumers.  After OIAS determines that consumers are eligible for MaineCare, the Office of MaineCare Services (OMS) then provides continuing support to consumers who receive MaineCare health and dental care benefits.  MaineCare benefits that support behavioral, developmental, and substance abuse services are coordinated by the Department of Health and Human Services.

Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)

TANF is temporary financial help for children and their parents while the family works toward becoming self-supporting. 

Food Stamps

The Food Stamp Program provides food stamps that help low-income households buy the food they need for good nutrition.

Additional Support for People in Retraining and Employment (ASPIRE)

ASPIRE has two programs ASPIRE/TANF and ASPIRE/JET. ASPIRE/TANF is a program that helps TANF recipients find employment that will pay enough to make it possible for them to support themselves financially.

ASPIRE/JET is a program that helps Food Stamp recipients find employment.

General Assistance and Emergency Assistance

General Assistance, a program administered through towns and cities, funds basic necessities for individuals who are without means to pay for such services. Contact your town to find out about these benefits.

Emergency Assistance provides benefits to families with children in some situations when the family is threatened by destitution or homelessness due to an emergency situation. These situations include fire, other natural disasters, termination of utility service, evictions, or lack of adequate shelter.

When applying for programs and services within OIAS, be sure to call in advance to ask about the types of documentation that are acceptable for the application process.  You may need to have documents that:

  • Verify your identity
  • Verify your income (ask for the time period)
  • Document other financial resources, such as bank accounts
  • Document shelter expenses
  • Document court ordered child support

OIAS Contact Information


You may also visit the DHHS page for a listing of the Regional Offices.

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