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OMS administers MaineCare, Maine's Medicaid program.  OMS is responsible for enrollment, provider bill payments, complaints, and quality improvement for health and dental coverage for MaineCare (Medicaid). This office coordinates MaineCare benefits with other state offices and departments that provide services to MaineCare beneficiaries.  The Office of Integrated Access and Support (OIAS) determines consumers financial eligibility for services for MaineCare.

The people served are: 

  • Individuals, adults, children, and families determined by OIAS to be eligible for MaineCare (Medicaid)

OMS programs and services include: 

  • MaineCare (Medicaid) services

MaineCare (Medicaid) Services

MaineCare (Medicaid) benefits provide health care and dental care coverage to eligible children and adults. 

Contact the OFI at a regional DHHS office to find out if you are eligible for MaineCare.

Contact the Department of Health and Human Services if you have been approved for MaineCare (Medicaid) benefits and you seek behavioral, mental health, mental retardation, or substance abuse services.

Contact OMS if you have other MaineCare (Medicaid)-related questions.

OMS Contact Information 


You may also visit the the DHHS page for a listing of the Regional Offices.

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