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Tip Sheet: Community Accessibility Checklist    

Community Accessibility Checklist 

This is only a quick check for employers and business owners to assess whether their facilities are accessible. It is not an exhaustive list. For more detailed information go to:


  • Are there designated handicapped parking spaces in your parking lot or on the street near your business?
  • Are they near the entrance?
  • Is there a ramp into the facility from the parking lot?

For Building/Facility:

  • If you have steps to the entrance, are there alternative ramps or elevators?
  • Are there automatic door openers? Do the doors have knobs or handles?
  • Do the stairs have hand railings?
  • If there are different floors, are there ramps or elevators in the building?
  • Is there clear signage and good lighting?
  • Are the signs in elevators, near bathrooms, and other essential areas in Braille?
  • Are doorways wide enough for a walker or wheelchair?
  • Are the door thresholds flush with the floor or are they too high?
  • Are there wheelchairs or motorized carts available for your patrons to use?
  • What type of floor surfaces (high/low carpet, tile, cement)? (A thick carpet can be difficult for persons using wheelchairs.)
  • Is there accessible bathrooms available (wider stall, grab bars, elevated toilet seat, lower sink, soap, towels within reach)? Is the stall wide enough for a person using a wheelchair to turn around in?
  • Is there appropriate seating in your establishment for wheelchairs?
  • Are dressing rooms large enough for wheelchairs?
  • Are there tables available or just booths?
  • Do you have picture menus?
  • Do staff know how to communicate via relay or tty with persons who are deaf?
  • Do the chairs have armrests? Are chair legs flat or do they have wheels?
  • Are phones and drinking fountains within reach?

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Adapted from: Shepherd Center for Rehabilitation Atlanta, GA.