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Tip Sheet: How to Communicate with Your Legislator    

By Phone:

Call your Representative in the House at (800) 423-2900 and your Senator at (800) 423-6900 during the legislative session. You will probably not get to speak with your legislator personally, but you can leave a message. These messages DO make a difference, regardless of whether you make direct contact or not, and are documented for legislators to review.

By Letter:

Letters have the most impact if they are written in your own words (no form letters) on personal or business letterhead stationary. Limit them to one to two pages at most. Typed letters are easier to read, but handwritten letters are fine as long as they are legible. Consider the following:

  1. Explain your reason for writing clearly. Explain how the issue affects you and those around you. Be sure to include personal stories.

  2. Be sure to include the bill number, author and title if you are writing about legislation.

  3. Clearly explain what you are seeking – support or oppose.

  4. Refer to research, data, statistics, etc. whenever possible. Give your legislator good reasons to support your position.

  5. Be reasonable, specific and positive. Don’t engage in threats or ask the impossible. Ask your legislator to state his/her position on the issue in a written reply.

  6. In closing, repeat your request, offer to answer any questions. Be sure to include your name, address, and phone number in the letter; envelopes can be thrown away or lost.

Write to your legislators at the addresses below during the legislative session, or at home when they are not in session. Refer to the mailing list for your county delegations for home addresses.

Representative [name]
House of Representatives, State House
Augusta, Maine 04333

Senator [name]
Senate of Maine, State House
Augusta, Maine 04333

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