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Tip Sheet:Tips to Consider When You're Frustrated    

  1. Communicate assertively, rather than passively or aggressively.

  2. Avoid sharing your judgments about the other, using labeling or name calling, making accusations or giving commands and orders.

  3. Ask yourself what you can learn from the experience that will make your future experiences more productive and more satisfying.

  4. Develop a clear vision about what you want. If professionals feel confused about what you want, they may choose inaction over doing the “wrong” thing.

  5. Focus on what you want rather than what you don’t want.

  6. Be positive. Express what you want in a positive manner so those who are invested in the system will feel less threatened.

  7. Make your statements specific rather than general.

  8. Provide your point of view and back it up with evidence.

  9. Aim at creating a shared understanding. Openness to the other’s point of view must come from a desire to improve your relationship with the other.

  10. Share a plan for, or a solution to, the problem you experienced with the other party.

  11. Develop specific next steps to take together, to resolve the difficulty.

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