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Ability First - This is a program within AlphaOne that address the needs of Maine's citizens with disabilities as they seek employment. They provide benefits counseling, computer classes for the Deaf community, and they offer other technical assistance to employment seekers.


Access for All - This guide, by Cornell University, tells how to make the workplace accessible for all employees, including those with visual and hearing disabilities.


Achieving Quality Services - Want to make sure you're covering all the bases when serving customers with disabilities? This research-based checklist can help agency staff evaluate the quality and responsiveness of their services to job seekers. Areas covered include access to resources, agency culture, coordination, and consumer directedness.


America's Career InfoNet - Find wages and job trends, occupational requirements, state by state labor market conditions, national employer contacts and online career resources.


America's Job Bank - Here you can find job postings and a place to post your resume for potential employers all over the country.


Basic Etiquette - This is from the National Center on Workforce and Disability/Employer Information office.This site provides basic etiquette for communicating with persons with disabilities in the workplace.


CHOICES - This is Maine's Continuing Health Options and Incentives via Coordinated Employment Supports project. It collaborates with MaineCare (formerly Medicaid). It works to improve access to competitive employment for people with disabilities, advance technical understanding of how Medicaid-funded services support competitive employment, and target Medicaid resources to improve employment opportunities.


Disability Information Resources of the Federal Government - Many federally-funded resources, current policy statements, and pending legislation are located at this website. It is organized by employment, education, housing, transportation, health, income, community, and civil rights.


DO-IT Program — DO-IT stands for Disabilities, Opportunities, Internetworking, and Technology. This program focuses on education, careers, assistive technology, and providing resources for people with disabilities.


Easter Seals - Maine - Easter Seals services include medical rehabilitation, adult day programs, employment training, recreational opportunities & inclusive child care. There is an Easter Seals office moving to Maine. Look for it soon!


Employer Assistance Referral Network - Tips for recruiting workers with disabilities, accommodating employees with hidden disabilities, and tips for co-workers are some of the topics covered in the Department of Labor sponsored site.


Employment and Disability Institute - This institute conducts research and provides continuing education and technical assistance on many aspects of disability in the workplace.


Employment and Work-Based Learning Activities for College Students with Disabilities (Word Doc) - Advice to students with disabilities to prepare for employment.  The title will link to a Microsoft Word version of the booklet.


Goodwill Industries - Goodwill Industries provides services and jobs to over 1,000 employees in Maine and New Hampshire.


Job Accommodation Network - This is a service of the Office of Disability Employment Policy (ODEP) of the U.S. Department of Labor. This site provides information on job accommodations, self-employment and small business opportunities to encourage employment and retention.


Job Interview Guidelines - This is from the National Center on Workforce and Disability/Employer Information office. It offers employers suggestions when interviewing someone with a disability.


Jobcorps - This site is the nation's largest residential employment and educational training program for economically disadvantaged youth ages 16 to 24.


Jobs in Maine - This site is a general job directory for employers and job seekers. You can search for jobs by Maine counties and regions.


Maine Bureau of Rehabilitation Services - This state website is designed to create independent living and working situations for all people with disabilities. It links to many other state resources.


Maine CareerCenter - The Maine employment resource for employers and job seekers.


Maine Info - Includes lists of government, college, non-profit and private sector jobs in Maine as well as links to employment-related services for persons with disabilities.


Maine Personal Assistance Services Association (Maine PASA) - Maine PASA is a coalition of people in Maine employed to provide assistance to persons with disabilities. This grant-funded organization supports workers by offering opportunities for collegial support, professional recognition, development, and representation to improve public awareness of the work, job opportunities and quality compensation. They also have a toll-free number: (800) 268-6612.


Maine Ticket to Work - This site will be a central internet clearinghouse for information on all Ticket to Work and Work Incentive Improvement activities in Maine. If you have a disability, and want to work, and retain your benefits, check out this site.


Maine Worker's Compensation Board - This board oversees the laws and regulations pertaining to workers' compensation in the state of Maine.


MaineCare for Workers with Disabilities - This is a page of the Department of Health and Human Services where you can find information about how to go back to work, or work more hours, and still keep your MaineCare benefits.


National Center on Workforce and Disability - Information for career centers, employers and job seekers. Technical assistance about how to deliver useful employment services.


National Collaborative on Workforce and Disability - This site wants to assist in "making the connection between youth with disabilities and employment." It has materials for youth, employers and businesses, parents and policymakers.


National Online Outreach Database Linking Employment Stakeholders (NOODLES) - This site is for consumers, employers, service providers, and policy-makers. They promote policy awareness, sharing best practices, breaking through barriers and challenges faced by state agencies, legislators, consumers and advocates.


O*Net Online - This database has information on skills and work activities for different kinds of jobs. It can be used to explore careers, vocational counseling, and training.


Office of Disability Employment Policy - This government site explains disability employment and answers frequently asked questions related to employment with a disability.


Reasonable Accommodations for People with Psychiatric Disabilities - Practical information for employers and educators regarding accommodations for people with Psychiatric Disabilities.


SOAR - The Searchable Online Accommodation Resource is designed to let users explore various accommodation options for people with disabilities in work and educational settings. This site is not designed to be all inclusive.


Social Security Administration's Office of Employment Support Programs - In this website, there is a section for youth with disabilities, consumer employment, and information on the Ticket to Work program.


Talking to or About a Person with a Disability - This is from the National Center on Workforce and Disability/Employer Information office.The words we use to describe one another can have an impact on how welcome we make people feel. The following are guidelines for talking with, and about, a person with a disability.


Ticket to Hire - 1-866-TTW-HIRE (1-866-889-4473) is a new, national referral phone line to assist employers to recruit skilled candidates with disabilities. It's an offshoot of Ticket to Work program of the Department of Labor.


Ticket to Work - The Ticket to Work and Self-Sufficiency Program was the legislation signed by President Clinton under the Ticket to Work and Work Incentives Improvement Act of 1999. It is a nationwide initiative designed to bring major positive change to the lives of individuals with disabilities. SSA beneficiaries with disabilities can find employment, vocational rehabilitation (VR) and other support services from public and private providers.


What and When Can Maine Employers Ask About Disability? - This is a page on the Disability Rights Center's website with their publication.


Work Opportunities - This organization creates customized vocational programs for individuals with special needs and those who may benefit from community-based work experiences. They have 4 offices in Maine.

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